R.K.S.D. College of Pharmacy has outstanding infrastructure which includes spacious class rooms, well-equipped laboratories and well-stocked library to provide excellence in Pharmacy education.

  • Class rooms: College has spacious and well-ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating arrangement & modern white boards to facilitate focused learning. College has a fully equipped classroom with multimedia projector & all teaching aids for making learning easy and effective.      

Number of Class room and size of each:   8 Class Rooms each of 66 Sq. m with capacity of 60 students  


             Number of Tutorial room and size of each:             2 of 44 Sqm Each

  • Library: College has a well-stocked library which caters to the need of the students, research scholars and the faculty. It has a huge collection of books, journals, magazines, Pharmacopoeias for reference. It has open access to the faculty and research scholars. Students are provided with reading space and peaceful and comfortable environment. It has a computer based catalogue of all books and periodicals for easy maintenance.  
  • Number of Library books                                                            :              14336
  • Number of titles                                                                           :              865
  • Number of National Journal subscribe                                   :               10
  • Number of International Journal subscribe                            :              05
  • E-Library facilities                                                                         :              Provided
  • Laboratories: College has well-equipped laboratories for all relevant subjects as per the requirement of regulatory bodies. They are fully stocked with ample glassware and chemicals required for smooth functioning. Laboratories are maintained and required safety measures are taken care of. Number of Laboratories and size of each:                              13 of 100 Sqm Each
  • Detail of Laboratories:
Sr. No.Name of CourseName of LaboratoryTotal Area (in Sqm.)Major Equipments
1B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutics-I100Hand grinders, Conical percolators, Hot plates, Incubator, Hot air oven, Copper water baths, Suppository moulds, Pestle & mortars (simple), Triple beam balances, Dispensing balances, Sieves Heating mantles, De-ionizer.
2B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutics-II100Infrared moisture balance, oven, bulk density apparatus, filtration assemblies, calorimeter, wet & dry thermometer, vacuum oven, sieve sets
3B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutics-III100Cosmetics manufacturing apparatuses & Equipments.
4B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutical Chemistry-I100Semi Micro Analysis Kit, Pair of Tongs, Nasser’s Cylinder, Hot air oven, Fire Extinguisher, Hot plate, Centrifugal machine, Distillation Unit, Vacuum pump, Magnetic stirrer, Melting point, Atomic Model, Heating mantles 500 ml or 250 ml, Kipp’s apparatus, Desiccators.
5B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutical Chemistry-II100Burette’s stand, Pipette stand, Distillation unit, Oven, TLC Kit, UV Cabinet, Iodine flask, Measuring Cylinders, Conical flask, Analytical Balances
6B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutical Chemistry-III100Distillation & extraction assemblies desiccators, oven, Melting .pt. apparatus etc.
7B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmacology-I100B.P apparatuses, E.S.R. pipette, Binocular microscope, Bone set, Centrifugal machine, E.S.R. stands, Haemocytometer, Microscopes, Stethoscope, Spiro meter, Stopwatches, Dissection boxes, Rexine charts, Fiber model of Ear, Nose, Heart, Reproductive system  – Male & Female, Brain, Eye, Human skeleton (Articulated) etc.
8B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmacology-II100organ baths, kymographs, pole climbing apparatus, Eddy hot plate apparatus, Histamine chamber, Willium Maze, etc.
9B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmacognosy-I100Desiccators, Soxhlet app., Camera Lucida, Student microscope, Dissecting microscopy, Mixer grinder, Hand grinder, Chart, Fire, Extinguisher, Stage micrometer, Ocular micrometer eyepiece, Crude drugs, Specimens.
10B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmacognosy-II100Soxhlet extractors, distillation apparatus, TLC kit plates & chambers etc.
11B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyPharmaceutical Analysis & Bio Chemistry90Burette’s stand, Pipette stand, Distillation unit, Oven, TLC Kit, UV Cabinet, Iodine flask, Measuring Cylinders, Conical flask, Analytical balances
12B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyMicrobiology/ Biotech88Autoclaves, Aseptic Cabinet, Colony Counter, Incubator, B.O.D. incubator, Microscopes, oven, Refrigerator, Laminar air flow bench, Air conditioner. Turbidity meter, Antibiotic Zone reader.
13PG Lab.Pharmaceutics80Stability chamber, vortex shaker, dissolution apparatus, disintegration app, bulk density apparatus, Anderson pipette, sieve shaker, magnetic stirrer etc.
14PG Research Lab.Pharmaceutics80UV Spectrophotometer, FTIR, Digital microscope, flash evaporator, dissolution apparatus etc.
15M. Pharmacy/ B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyInstrumentation Room88FTIR, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, Karl-Fisher Apparatus, Polarimeter, Refractrometer, double beam UV spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Dissolution apparatus, Electronic balance & Electrical balance, Probe Sonicator, Viscometer  etc.
16M. Pharmacy/ B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyMachine Room80Tablet punching machines, Capsule filling machines, Tablet coating machine, Ointment filling, Liquid filling, Mixtures, Hot air oven, Vial sealing, Cube Mixture, disintegrator, Sigma blade mixture, Colloid Mill, FBD, Planetary Mixer  etc.
17M. Pharmacy/ B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyMuseum60Specimens, Crude drug, Active Pharmaceutical ingredients, Rexine charts, Products & Packing etc.
18M. Pharmacy/ B. Pharmacy/ D. PharmacyAnimal House100Air conditioner, Cages, holders, feeding bottles, cocking utensils etc.
  • List of Experimental setup:
  • As per Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health Science, Rohtak & Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Syllabus lists of experiments are mounted in each Laboratory.
  • Seminar Hall: College has a seminar hall with sufficient capacity which provides space for seminars, guest lectures and other activities. It is well-furnished, air conditioned and fully equipped with multimedia projector with screen and well maintained audio-visual system.
  • Herbal Garden: College has a well maintained and spacious herbal garden having approximately 40 different species of plants with medicinal and ornamental value.
  • Computer Lab: Computer Lab is designed to gratify the need of students according to the PCI specification. The lab is fully air conditioned with latest hardware and software and printer facilities. It also provides internet facilities to the students.

Number of Computer centre with capacity of each:         01, with capacity of 30 students

Computing Facilities:

Internet bandwidth 12 Mbps
Number & configuration of systems Internet bandwidth                                ::            64-bit operating system, x64-              based processor                   Broadband 16MBPS
Total number of systems connected by LAN:35
Total number of systems connected by WAN:Nil
Major software packages available:                  Windows 10  Single Language,         MS-Office 2010
Special purpose facilities available:Internet facility

Major software packages available           :               Language C software, Digital  

                                                                                   Language SFEIIAT softwar Special softwares available                       :               Library software,

                                                                                   Pharmacology Software (Ex-

                                                                                   Pharm series).


  • Barrier Free Built Environment for disabled and elderly persons: Ramp & Toilet provided
  • Occupancy Certificate:                                                Available
  • Fire and Safety Certificate:                                         Available
  • Hostel Facilities:                                                            Notprovided
  • Innovation Cell:                                                                                   Exist
  • Social Media Cell:                                                                       Exist
  • Compliance of the National Academic Depository:           N.A.


Games and Sports facilities:Indoor & outdoor games
Extracurricular activities:Periodically Conducted
Soft skill development facilities:Provided  
  • Teaching Learning Process

Curricula and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University:

For B. Pharmacy & M. Pharmacy: Pt. B.D. Sharma University of Health Sciences, Rohtak w.e.f. 2014 (Annual) & 2017 (Semester) are being adopted.  

For D. Pharmacy: Syllabus of PCI as per Education Regulations 2020 is being followed.